In 2008 there was a food safety incident in China, involving milk and infant formula, adulterated with melamine.

China reported an estimated 300,000 victims, with six infants dying from kidney stones and other kidney damage, and an estimated 54,000 babies being hospitalized. The chemical appeared to have been added to milk to cause it to appear to have a higher protein content.

The issue raised concerns about food safety and political corruption in China, and damaged the reputation of China’s food exports, with at least 11 countries stopping all imports of Chinese dairy products.

Since the incident, Dutch Nutrilon milk powder, sold in Dutch supermarkets, has become very popular and found trustworthy in China.

This book is a collection of portraits that I have gathered from, a Chinese digital marketplace. The collection reveals a new visual phenomenon in digital selling. The ‘selfie’ is used as a form of endorsement, to gain trust and proof of the seller’s location. In these photographs even babies, local Dutch citizens and supermarket employees are used as endorsements. As you browse through the book, you will understand the system that Nutrilon shadow sellers apply to convince their customers that they are selling trustworthy, Dutch Nutrilon milk powder, produced and bought in the Netherlands.