In 2016 I’ve revisited the product manual of KIIROO’s products. For these manual I’ve created a set of illustrations that had to visually explain how to handle, clean and take care of these products. Of course there was copy supporting the illustrations – but who reads the warranty manuals these days, right? Therefore the illustrations had to be simple, visually attractive but explain certain situations very clear, so that you can understand the message with just a quick look.
KIIROO is a revolutionary communication platform, with devices that enable touch online. Because of KIIROO, you can now touch your lover or partner, from anywhere in the world. When any two KIIROO devices are used together online, they simulate actual physical intimacy. Cyberdildonics (a.k.a teledildonics) are still in their infancy, but KIIROO is at the forefront of the wave. Giving the ability to feel someone else is a whole new kind of internet experience.These are a few of the illustrations that I have created for the product manuals. Vector-illustrations-gallery3
Vector illustrations