In 2018 Bannerwise launched a completely new version of their software and a brand new look and feel to it. Of course, a new website had to be launched with this new brand identity ánd tone of voice. I have been responsible for the brand’s tone of voice and all the copywriting on the new landing pages. The site has been improved by offering solutions to the different audiences of Bannerwise: agencies and advertisers. This enabled me to find and use the right impactful keywords for the right audience, explaining how the software will play a role in their company – rather than speaking to the general public. 

Bannerwise is a European tech startup that developed a banner creation platform for agencies, advertisers and online publishers. The drag and drop software allows design and marketing professionals to easily build animated and/or dynamic HTML5 banners – without any coding skills. The display ads will automatically comply with the technical specifications of all major ad networks and DSP’s, such as Adform, Google AdWords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager and many more.