Mediamatic is a cultural institution dedicated to new developments in the arts since 1983. They organize lectures, workshops and art projects, focusing on nature, biotechnology and art+science in a strong international network.

In 2013 I’ve been part of the communications team of Mediamatic. The organization has a very solid brand identity: black, white magenta and the font Georgia. It has been interesting to work with their identity and see how far I could ‘stretch’ the brand guidelines for the visual communications, but remaining to stay recognizable as the Mediamatic brand.

Celebrating the opening of their new sustainable straw office building, Mediamatic threw a barn party called ‘Stro fest’. I created and photographed a custom ‘straw’ font for the Stro fest communications.

Poster for Strofest at Mediamatic

Graphic design Faceless poster typography

Food menu graphic design

Shortcutz typographic poster


A day in the PARK typographic poster

Museumnacht poster graphic design

Every month a calendar is created that lists all the month’s events. I designed a pocket version, easy to produce and to carry around in your wallet.

Typographic monthly calendar pocket size