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Straw typography


Mediamatic is a cultural institution dedicated to new developments in the arts since 1983. They organize lectures, workshops and art projects, focusing on nature, biotechnology and art+science in a…

KlasseStudent Lesmap Covers

Lesboek Covers

Easter Eggs Campaign

For easter I created two sets of packages with chocolate Easter eggs in Bannerwise’s brand colors for their clients. I created two different kind of packages: one was…

Business cards

Business Cards

Logo design ADHD oké!

Logo Design

AD(H)D oké is a part of Goed Geregeld Organizing and Coaching. After years of working as a professional organizer, Annelie chose to go into depth with people that…

Selfieconomy book cover


In 2008 there was a food safety incident in China, involving milk and infant formula, adulterated with melamine. China reported an estimated 300,000 victims, with six infants dying…